CUNNI by Andy Kurovets for Castbreeder

ABOUR CUNNI: "Cunni was laboratory selected by the best galactic specialists in pleasure at the Pleasure science planet. He was living on his planet, but one day he decided to leave it and fly to the Earth. He wanted to live together with humans and present all of his knowledge and skills to them. He arrived to our planet to improve humans' pleasure and love sense. Discover!"

Designed by Andy Kurovets and produced by Castbreeder, CUNNI is sized 3.75x2.17x2.17 inch (9.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm) with the ORIGINAL Edition limited to 100pcs, and available for US$96 per (including free shipping).

This hand-sculpted, hand casted and airbrush painted resin figure will be released 50pcs during early session (sales start on 5 December 2016), and subsequently 50pcs during premiere session (sales start on 15 January 2017). Pre-Order is currently available online on

Yes, it looks exactly like what it looks to be, and yes, the name sorta gives it away LOL

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]


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