#DESIGNERCON 2016 @ Pasadena Convention Center, USA (Nov 19-20)

The annual DesignerCon launches this year at Pasadena Convention Center, USA, as a two-day / weekend event (November 19 - 20) - featuring 355 vendors offering toys & collectibles, urban art and fashion, and everything “design”-related - in a one-stop convention that has turned out to be THE destination for folks in the scene (sans the media-related hypebeast seen in San Diego or New York Comic Cons).

Formerly known as “Vinyl Toy Network” (launched in 2006-2008), the event has since grown beyond the “art toy” scene!
(PARTIAL) PRESS: "This year, the event has also been expanded to incorporate the entire design world, to include home goods, interior design, urban art, and more. Basically, if it's beautiful and people want to have it, you can find it at DesignerCon!"

TOYSREVIL has been busting it’s blog-butt getting collectible-toy-news out to you folks, and you can CLICK HERE for all the coverage, and as well you should check out MORE on the event and it’s panels and schedules on www.designercon.com/schedule - one of which is the “Latinos in Contemporary Art” Panel on Saturday Nov 19th (at 2pm); featuring TooFly, Ritzy Periwinkle, Man One & Antonio Pelayo - speaking on the realities of being Latino in contemporary art.

DCON2016 Exclusives
Featured Artists DCON2016

Events as well include Live signings by Junko Mizuno, Jordan Elise & Chris from Horrible Adorables, Renee French, KMNDZ, Angryblue, Luke Chueh, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Skinner, David Arshawsky, Tara McPherson, Jeff Soto, DJ Z-Trip.

And with most of the artists themselves helming their own booths, you’d get to have a chance to meet them face-to-face and get your collectibles signed! Make sure you buy something from their booths tho, otherwise make a beeline for their signing sessions!

One of the activities to look out for, is the DESIGNERCON SCAVENGER HUNT - where attendees go around getting the pins from the specified artists (see above pic for “where”) and then come back to the #DCon booth you get a free pin!

(Enamel) PINS has been the latest trend to hit the scene, across all disciplines - from artists to toymakers, to brands (*essentially EVERYONE else has a pin out, at least!) - and while I’m not too hip-to-the-hype here (AKA #pingame FAIL) on the TOYSREVIL-blog, you can look for them on my #iliiike lifystyl/design blog instead :)

And don’t worry, DCON still has their “Show Coins” -with this year’s designed by Paul Frank (IG @heypaulfrank), with only 100pcs made, each priced at US$10. Glad to see some swell things remain unchanged :)

DesignerCon is a ticketed admission event, with prices ranging from US$10 (for a Single Day), to US$15 (Weekend Show Only Pass), and US$25 (Weekend Show + Party VIP Pass). Purchase online here.

DESIGNER CON is held at Pasadena Convention Center (300 East Green Street, Pasadena CA 91101) with events held in the Main Ball Room, Exhibit Halls A, B and C.

Stay connected to the DesignerCon social medias via Instagram @ designercon / Twitter @DesignerCon / facebook.com/DesignerCon

(Cheers for the headsup, Heidi and Dustin!)