DKE Toys for #ComplexCon 2016 (Nov 5-6)

DKE Toys will be helming Booth #J11 @ COMPLEX CON (Nov 5-6, 2016) in Long Beach, California, and these are the following non-licensed toy-ness to be offered!

Also the Hip Hop Trooper will be hanging about Saturday and Sunday!

Complex Crisp

Colombian based street artist Crisp ( / Facebook / Instagram) comes COR{ORATE VADER! A customized 3.75” scale figure on a hand stenciled card back. Each card front has a 5 layered stencil with another stencil on the back. Signed and numbered edition of 50. Priced at US$75, you can read more abut the artist and images HERE on #starwarsallday!

Complex Mark Todd

STR WAS: CHEWBACK” is the latest edition of artist Mark Todd’s first ever toy and first ever sculpture, a take on Chewie of Star Wars. His original was molded and then cast in resin and hand painted by Mark as well. The card back is comprised of 2 riso graph prints on front and back for that very indie zine feel. 3.75" scale carded figure. Only 30 made and each is signed and numbered. Priced at US$55 apiece (tax included), you can see more images and find out more about the artist HERE on #starwarsallday!

Complex TopzToy

Topztoy from Thailand has come up with an edition of 20 of our favorite bounty hunter encased in a cassette tape? Maybe this technology is better than a good old carbon freeze? “STAR WEIRD: BOBA (CAS) SETTE” is large hunk of hand poured resin standing approx 3.75"  tall and comes carded with resealable blister. Priced at US$$40 apiece (tax included), you can see more images since posted HERE on #starwarsallday!

Complex Free Humanity

LandObama” by Free Humanity features a 3.75" tall hand customized figure with a custom sculpted, cast and painted Obama head. DKE Toys adds; ”More importantly each card back has been hand stenciled with 4 layers!!! splattered and then signed and numbered out of 25 pieces. At $100 a Free Humanity stencil of this complexity on a canvas would be at least 10 times as much money in a gallery. These will not last long.” (More images and words HERE on #starwarsallday).

Complex Panik

“ANONYMOUS” by The Panik Collective ( / Facebook) will debut at ComplexCon with - featuring a hand painted and customized 3.75" carded Anonymous protester figure. Signed and numbered edition of 50.

Priced at US$55 each (tax included), half of Panik’s proceeds from sales will benefit The Courage Foundation.

Complex SpecialEd
DKE TOYS PRESS: "Special Ed is back with another version of their 2015 Designer Toy Award nominated (for Toy of the Year!!!) figure set. This version made for ComplexCon 2016 is the Evil of the Thriller edition. You get two hand painted, cast and customized 3.75” scale figure on custom card backs. Signed and numbered out of 20 pieces. $120 tax included for the pair."