Exclusives by 3D Retro for #DesignerCon 2016 (Booth #532)

3D Retro will be offering up a slew of convention exclusives via their Booth #532 at this weekend’s Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016), featuring pieces from Juan Muniz, Jim McKenzie, Nathan Hamill x Touma, and Jeremy Fish! Scroll down for deets and stay connected to Instagram @3dretro for updates!

Juan Muniz's SMILE FELIPE Vinyl Figure is the 2nd vinyl toy release with 3D Retro, and the latest incarnation of his rabbit-suited figure, this time without the grenade balloons, and instead chillaxing with a “SMILE” sign to his face! This “Original Edition” is priced at US$45 apiece, available at the 3D Retro booth #532.

Also to note, different custom versions, including this "Lil Boy Blue" edition (10pcs only) can be had at Booth #818. Find out more on his Instagram @jmunizart!

Jim McKenzie's first vinyl figure KING GORDO will be available at the weekend-event in this Bronze Edition - limited to only 30 pieces for the convention, each priced at US$45. Fresh off his successful The Scarecrow NYCC-launch with ToyQube, Jim added; ”been almost 3 years since I made my first professional sculpture, "King Gordo" which was based off of my chubby puggle…”

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Nathan Hamill x TOUMA duo-sided KAIJU FRANKENSTEIN vinyl now heads to DCON in his GID / “Glow-the-the-Dark” Edition, each priced at US$50. This edition is the 2nd colorway (excluding the DIY Blank White - revealed at DCON 2015 too) to the previous released edition, launched in TTF and Stateside not too long ago!

Jeremy Fish's BISON VAN goes “Glow in the Dark”, with this GD Edition priced at US$100 apiece. The Bison Van has effectively been on my “Toys-Want” List since I first laid eyes on it online too!

Nathan Hamill's LAVABEAR “Bronze” Edition first made it's debut at Shanghai Comic Con and now has traveled over to DesignerCon in limited quantities. Only a few of these exist and will be available during the convention at US$80 apiece.

(Cheers for the headsup, Ben!)