Flat Bonnie for #DesignerCon 2016 (Booth #317)

Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) tis just around the weekend corner, and Flat Bonnie shares with TOYSREVIL the most awesomeness of her plush creations, awaiting folks at Booth #317!

Scroll down for peeps and deets, and as well for folks who are NOT ATTENDING DCon this year, she has you covered! Check out online orders on flatbonnie.com (only “Otter" and "Gingerbuns”)!

SURFING OTTER (DesignerCon Exclusive)
11" Handmade Plush @ US$50 per
Special DesignerCon signed and numbered tag.
Comes with removable magnetic surfboard and adoption certificate.
Made from faux fur and vinyl pleather.

MR & MRS GINGERBUN (DesignerCon Exclusive)
5" Handmade Holiday Ornaments @ US$25 each ($50 set of 2).
Special DesignerCon tag and numbered sewn in label.
Made of vinyl pleather.

Flat Bonnie x Leecifer - HONOO PLUSH (DesignerCon Exclusive - Very Limited Quantity)
15" tall handmade plush @ US$75
Comes with numbered sewn-in tag
Made of faux fur and vinyl pleather
Avail. via Leecifer Booth #525 & Flat Bonnie Booth #317

Also debuting at DesignerCon are 3 new enamel pin designs and 6 new sticker
designs. Meanwhile, stay connect to her instagram.com/FlatBonnie , twitter.com/flatbonnie and Facebook for updates!

(Cheers for the headsup, Yukari - have a great event!)