Guzu Gallery x Violence Toy x Krotpong Industries Presents ‘Vulgaris Mortem: A Sofubi Art Toy Exhibition’ (Dec 3 - One Day Only)

Vulgaris Mortem Flyer

EVENT PRESS: ”This December, Violence Toy and Krotpong Industries will team up with Guzu Gallery to bring you a one day only event featuring soft vinyl art toys!
The event will take place on Saturday, December 3rd, following the Friday night opening of Strange Beasts IV — the fourth installment of Guzu’s highly successful kaiju & Japanese pop culture themed group art show. The team has assembled an exceptional cast of talented toy makers for this exhibition...and cannot wait to reveal their many outstanding works of art!

Black plague, funerals, winter, death...these are the themes of Vulgaris Mortem. Each artist was asked to follow a pair of plague doctors on their dark journey to inspiration. Where they chose to go from there was entirely up to them.”

Vulgaris Mortem Preview
Above-left: Kanzler Arschloch by @krotpong
Above-right: Dani one off by @secretdemonservices
Bottom-left: @miscreationtoys x @violencetoy
Bottom-right: Tit Tot and Bostyrant from @snatchpunch

EVENT PRESS CONTINUES: "Featured Artists include: Violence Toy / Krotpong Industries / Retroband / Unbox Industries / Grody Shogun / Joseph Harmon / Bwana Spoons / Atomic Vomit / Tru:tek / Awesome Toy / Rampage Toys / Blood Guts Toys / Miscreation Toys / Guumon / Kaiju Tan / Secret Demon Services / Snatchpunch / Ghost Cave / Planet-X.

This will be a one-day-only event, where those attending can take their purchases home at the end of the evening, or in-person at their convenience at a later date. Following the show, each piece that is still available will go on sale online for a limited time.
Sales will start as soon as the doors open and will be followed by a live musical set from surf rock kings and kaiju enthusiasts, The Del-Vipers. Admission is free and all ages are welcome.

Stay tuned to Guzu Gallery’s social media outlets for more info and sneak previews as the days get closer to show time! Additionally, you can follow @vulgarismortem on Instagram for more updates.”

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(Cheers for the headsup, Vincent)