Hall Of Justice seen in Posters for The CW’s “Heroes v Aliens” Crossover

For the upcoming “Heroes vs Aliens” 4-part crossover on The CW, a series of 4 posters of each participating show had been released (Seen individually HERE on #iliketeevee); from SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, ARROW and DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW - all images when placed together side-by-side, form a singular montage image - very much like comicbook covers!

And while that alone is a fun “gimmick”, what makes it “extra special”, is the building at the BACK of where our live-action heroes, with what looks to be the “famed” HALL OF JUSTICE, as seen in “Super Friends” cartoons of the 70s!

The HALL OF JUSTICE seen in #Superfriends cartoons of the 70s! #iliketeevee

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And while we don’t try expect everyone to suddenly stay together as a singular “team” (beyond the crossover event), although notion of the team-up alone is excruciatingly fun, compared to the “seriousness” (Or as Ledger’s Joker exclaims; “Why So Serious?”) of their DCEU silver screen counterparts … and the “goofiness” is refreshing, methinks!

Nevertheless, I welcome the multiple of media crossovers, and hope this sort of geekdomness can continue forth, well at least until/if it becomes a “cliched chore” hahahaha

Here are video clips galore!

*PROMO CLIPS ahead, which might be sorta minor scene SPOILERS*

”BONUS” clip