HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIT by Emilio Subirá Drops Nov 10

From Emilio Subirá comes his latest creations: “HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIT”! To be unleashed November 10th via emiliosubira.storenvy.com - each 10cm tall poliurethane resin toy sculpture ill be priced at US$110 per, coming in singed and numbered by the artist. Check out the individual images of “Green Leopard” (above), “Red Tiger” and “The Purple Guano” HERE on Facebook, and sate your desires for wrestling art toys when the bell rings for the first round!

"This new character is a weird thing, the wrestling title, the belt itself seem to be ready to fight in the wrestling competition and has taken the half of the body of a fighter for its mission or I don't know what exactly happened. You better don't ask.

Just a crazy concept that rounded my mind and I had to make real. The arms of this creature are articulated by magnets so you can play a little with its pose, and every one launched will be a unique piece. At the moment there is 3 pieces out now."
- shared Emilio (www / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter)
(Cheers for the headsup, Emilio)