“’Hello Sanrio' World” Stop-Motion by TADO

Meet the characters of the wonderful new 'Hello Sanrio' world (www.sanrio.com) in this super-cute 1-minuter long mayhem featuring stop-motion animation of wooden characters designed by TADO!

TADO is known for their creator-owned self designed characters and visual aesthetics, and the opportunity to put their touch on licensed characters is always fun to behold, and makes the difference between a “smart gimmick” and am “interesting interpretation”, methinks.

This is not TADO’s first stop-mo project associated with Sanrio, as they’d been responsible for the 2014 “Hello Kitty 'Pomme Party' Stop Motion” project commissioned by Sanrio and the Japanese American National Museum to produce an animation to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary, with the result part of a massive event at the museum in Los Angeles (previously featured / WIPs video posted below), and you can see more behind-the-scenes making of that video here, while you can scroll on down to view some WIP-snaps off their current clip, as seen on their Instagram @wearetado!

Hello Sanrio TADFO Making Of

Design, Making, Animation: @wearetado
Photography: @HowieHowe
Additional Animation & Editing: @Studio_Ade
Sounds: Eye On The Wall Recordings