Introducing “EggsEcutioner” Egg Cup Functional Toy from Kidult

Much has been discussed, debated and opined over the years, about what “designer toys” are (myself included), and what value “art collectibles” (“Toy or Art?”) maybe to the general world at large versus just within the “scene” we all dwell in inclusively here (*another discussion for another time) … but essentially one of the basis or foundation for these toys we enjoy - particularly here in this humble blog - are “Character”-based solid designs, and they may well extend beyond the “usual” labels and “merely aesthetic” functions (arguably for most designer / art toys, innit?) … and in this particular case, a self-coined “functional toy”!

From Kidult comes the soon to be released “EggsEcutioner” egg cup with function axe / spoon and removable hood! Sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider (IG @wetterschneider / Tumblr), with the image featured below a 3D-printed figure - reminding me of a couple of egg cups I had purchased in the past, that possessed a “character” design beyond their function (one of them was an astronaut/robot haha), and as well the “power” of design creation over a seemingly mundane everyday use, IMHO.

And the spoon (which I assume to be removable) is the awesome to cracketh that egg with! LOL

Stay connected to Instagram kidultonline for updates on availability, from the “designer, manufacture & distributor of toys, gadgets & novelties”.

Another bit of client work. A digitally sculpted egg cup. He means serious business for breakfast. 3d printed as usual.

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(Cheers for the headsup, Kidult)