James Groman at Xpanded Universe for #DesignerCon 2016 (Booth #1204)

The Xpanded Universe(Booth #1204)at this weekend’s Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) will play host to James Groman and his user-wicked menagerie of decaying monsters - including hand-painted King Korpse, Dieceratops and Rotten Rexx - available at Expanded, while production King Korpse from Instinctoy can be had at the myplasticheart Booth #414 (No prices revealed for any of the items :p)… and what’s THIS about a “Blank King Korpse”??? (PSST: *Raffles start Saturday at booth 1204!)

Scroll down for more snaps, and stay connected to Instagrams @ jgroman60 and @xpandeduniverse for updates!

Blank King Korpse, Swamp Rot King Korpse, Red Dead Dieceratops, Battle Bronze Rotten Rexx, Sasquatch Brown King Korpse … Oh My! Who needs Kong Versus Godzilla when we have THESE? #WANT


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