Kaleidoscope Candy & Flower Bun Masked Bunnies from Peter Kato for #DesignerCon 2016

Peter Kato’s BEDTIME BUNNIES will be at multiple booths, and in multiple incarnations, at Designer Con this weekend of Nov 19-20th, 2016!

Introducing the “Kaleidoscope Candy” theme (Idea introduced by @inamitoys, and named by @seulgie._) whereby a wonderous process of adding shattered bits of clear colored resin pieces mixed into clear bunnies (the process makes each piece unique, no two will be the same), resulting in these following collectibles;

KALEIDOSCOPE CANDY BEDTIME BUNNIES available at the myplasticheart Booth #414, with these 4-inch tall figures priced at US$55 each.

Peter will be signing at the mph booth on Sat NOV 19th from 1-2pm and Sun NOV 20th from 11-12pm. For every Peter Kato related purchase during his signings you will be eligible to win a free prize from Peter's Bedtime Bunnie loot bag.

KALEIDOSCOPE CANDY BUNNIE BOXES will be available at the Woot Bear Booth #1805, with these 2.5 inch tall figures priced at US$25 apiece.

KALEIDOSCOPE CANDY JEFF THE SCRAPPER will be available via Bwana Spoons’ Booth #413, with each priced at US$50 apiece.
"This figure originally participated in Bwana's Brodarrfest US exhibition which was held at @foegallery . It's an inspired younger version of Bwana's Jeff character"

In a collaboration with Mariangela Tan AKA plushPLAY comes this handmade glitter gold clear resin Bedtime Bunnies wearing PlushPlays adorable handmade felted flower Bun masks, which they are calling “FLOWER BUN MASKED BEDTIME BUNNIES” - and are limited to only 5pcs, each priced at US$120, available via Woot Bear Booth #1805.

Stay connected to Peter on Instagram @peterkato for further updates!