KRUSTY THE GRIN by Ron English x Made by Monsters for Dec 12th Release!

Ron English’s Grin-conquest of pop-culture characters continues forth in The Simpsons’ world, with the upcoming release of KRUSTY THE GRIN - available online via - come December 12th, 2016 @ 10AM HKT (GMT+8)! will also be offering this item (Release time TBC).

Produced by Made by Monsters, this collectible is limited to 333pcs, and no doubt there will be multiple editions/versions to be had, with the pic shown above being one of the secret “GID”-Grin.

Listed below are the prices - EMS express shipping cost to different zones of the world:

- To Asia @ US$270
- To United States / Canada / Australia @ US$280
- To Europe @ US$290

FYI: This is not the first Krusty Grin release tho, as a BLACK Edition was unleashed in late-October via MADNESS STORE BEIJING (Since listed as ‘Sold Out’).

UPDATED with pic of “Secret” Edition MC KRUSTY GRIN!


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