More DKE Toys for #DesignerCon 2016

WHAT-IS: "DKE Toys will be at Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) Booth #812, and bring with with a slew of blister-carded exclusives! These are some of them :)"

DKE TOYS PRESS: Manny X Romero has sold out every figure edition he has ever made. This one looks to be right on the mark as well. BRAT FINK embodies our favorite 50s hot rod icon. US$75 tax included. Hand cast and painted 3" carded Signed and numbered edition of 40. (Illustration by @thrashbury).


DKE TOYS PRESS: Green Plastic Tunnels ( is back with another release especially for DCon. The OMNISCIENT MACHINIST stands at 3.75" tall and is hand cast in a multi colored cascade of resin. Affordably priced at US$30 tax incl. Hand cast. Edition of 20.

Poquito's Playhouse

DKE TOYS PRESS: In the grand Mexican bootleg tradition of Robert Cop and Spader-Man, Janky Toys is proud to announce his latest toy line, POQUITO’S PLAYHOUSE. Why, you may ask? Why the f**k not!!! What are you some sort of bigoted politician? $45 tax included. Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 20.


DKE TOYS PRESS: Derrick Lauglaug aka DLL Customs ( has created an edition of 10 multi-color hand cast resin statues especially for DCon. THE DEMONS WITHIN each stand 8" tall, and comes signed and numbered edition of 10. US$45 (tax included).


DKE TOYS PRESS: Back by popular demand Credenda Studios (Instagram @ CredendaStudios ) aka Beau Greener has brought back GENERAL GEDDON. US$60 (tax included). Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure Signed and numbered edition of 20.


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