MR. DOB by Murakami x BAIT x SWITCH Collectibles for #ComplexCon 2016

It had always boggled me WHY this was not produced earlier as a solid-state “collectible”? And while we’ve seen plush and gachas incarnations before, fans of Takashi Murakami now have a chance to own his MR DOB as a figure (size???), courtesy of Complex Con!

Produced by BAIT + SWITCH Collectibles (who had both collaborated before on the “Felix the Cat x Diadora” sneakers+toys collection), folks are able to pre-order ONLY during the Complex Con period (November 5th to 6th), and only via the ComplexCon Gift Shop!

Download the official ComplexCon app in the App Store and Google Play to see the location of the Gift Shop and everything else happening at ComplexCon (Source) … and did you know there is ANOTHER COLORWAY of MR DOB???

*UPDATED Product Info

- Original Colorway 750 Units Edition @ US$250.00 per
- Gold and Silver Colorway 250 Units Edition *Sold with original colorway as a set US$500.00
- Available for preorder only during Complexcon 2016
- Delivery date early Feb 2017.
- Daily allocation will be sold at a first come first served basis.
*Final production maybe slightly different than the displayed prototype.

Time to get your mules in order, folks!

*And if you are a member of BAIT? (You’re welcomed.)

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“Mr. DOB” first manifested as a painting circa 1996, and from a snap by @alexmaeland (who had been setting up the @MAEKAN_ booth in Long Beach), we get to see Mr DOB grace an entire complex wall! “Mr DOB” also graces the event lanyards, and Powerstation plus 3x!



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