New Figures by SUCKLORD in that retro #TheBlackHole-vibe

Two new slices of non-action figure-goodness from the SUCKEDLIC SUCKLORDfeatures a retro mashup of epic geekness, featuring a toy-twist of Disney’s THE BLACK HOLE (the 1979 version, not the remake that has been deemed “too dark” by Disney) with Star Wars parts, on old skool video game blister cardbacks FTW!

As of this post “COLECOVISION” (above-left) is listed as “Sold Out”, while “ODYSSEY 2” can be had for US$75 via
PRODUCT PRESS: "Hand Cast, Hand Painted 3 and 3/4" Bootleg figure on a 6 and 1/2" x 8 1/2" Blistercard. Numbered edition of 13."
”Bonus” Trailer for “The Black Hole”;

Check out the “original” figures from the film (All above images via,
versus Sucklord’s take on them ... so do we call them "bottles" or "mashups"? (SUCKHOUR)


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