One-Eyed Girl’s First Resin/Sets & More Customs for #DesignerCon (Booth #301)

In addition to her custom pieces, Kasey Tararuj AKA One-Eyed Girl ( / Instagram @kctararuj / Facebook) shares with us images and info for her FIRST EVER RESIN TOY! They will be available at Booth #301 (whom she is sharing with Zard Apuya).
"I teamed up with Bill Hewitt (Lickyourelbow) to attempt our first resin toy. It was a learning experience and we still have a lot of kinks to work out, but we're happy with the outcome so far. I will have 3 variants available at DCon. Korny Kandies, Smoochies, and Sweet Juicies. Each variant is Edition of 10, approx 2" tall, and hand painted at only $35 a piece.

”Junkfood Friends” is a mini series of everyone's favorite guilty pleasure foods. The gross, the greasy, the fatty. Corndoogy, Frenchie, and Pete Zah are just 3 of the 7 yums I'll have ranging from $70 - 100 per piece.

And lastly "Grubby Bubs" is a set of 3 Custom Figgle Bits/Thimblestump Hollow figures (by Spayd/Ryniak) and will be available for $65 per piece."

Cheers for the headsup Kasey, and have a great show!)