One Punch Man by Threezero Teased!

One Punch Man Threezero

Threezero teases an upcoming articulated figure, and it’s SAITAMA from the uber awesome ONE PUNCH MAN anime! And i cannot wait to see if they’ll do GENOS!!! They will eventually, right? RIGHT????

Or maybe it’ll be a “two-pack”? With Threezero’s production abilities, a straight single Saitama (the main protagonist of the anime, shown above, if you do not know by now :p), is pretty, well, “straight forward” and somewhat mundane, if you ask me … of maybe Saitama has a broken evil robot-arm, or wreckage around him / his base??? Or maybe even multiple heads, like Kcdesing Kcdesign’s? :p

And no where on the teaser image was any indication of this being “1/6th”-scale too … so would this be a 1/12-scaled pair with Genos? SO EXCITING!

Updated when I have them, meanwhile you can stay connected via their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In lieu of more images and info, here are both the MVs for opening song (above) and ending song (below) for the anime - featuring “THE HERO” by JAM Project (on #TUNESTALK), and "I'll Find It Before the Stars for You" by Hiroko Moriguchi (on #TUNESTALK).