Pikotaro @ #AFASG16 - Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen Invades Singapore at Anime Festival Asia 2016

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One of the Celebrity Guests for this year’s Anime Festival Asia 2016 (Nov 25-27), is “Pikotaro” AKA Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka - infamous for his PEN PINEAPPLE APPLE PEN viral music video skit that raged over the www not too long ago, and still does (*Check out “CCBC” Edition with Sesame Street at bottom of this post)!


The Waku Waku Japan-booth “challenged” folks to dress up like Pikotaro and re-enact his MV, and upload unto Instagram (with hashtag #wakuwaku_japan), for a chance to win a pen (yes, you read that right, a “pen”!), and a chance to meet-n-greet the artist on Sunday! A table with apple, pineapple and pen props were on the ready at his booth stage, along with wardrobe for folks brave enough to take up the challenge!

And while I am unsure who “won” and what happened at the meet-n-greet, here are a coulee of clips of Pikotaro performing “PPAP” on the AFA-stage!

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BTW, these awesome folks are my top picks!

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WHAT? You are unfamiliar with “PPAP”? No worries, I’ll sort you out… Presenting….”

AAAAnnnnndddd….: CCBC!