Post-#DCON2016 Online Availability for #WeAreNotToys Collectibles

We Are Not Toys AKA W.A.N.T. made a huge splash at the recent Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) with the release of an entire catalog of resin collectibles from a variety of creators, totally NINE brand new figures - all of whom has since been listed online for sales at!

Scroll down for a peek at what has been released thus far from JC Rivera, Mike Graves, Mike Fudge, Brent Nolasco, Josh Mayhem, Angel Once, Riser, Mike “NEMO” Mendez, and 84Pages - via the resin-slinging magic of TASKOne!

FML! by JC Rivera x W.A.N.T. (US$150 per): ”Our Second go around with Chicago Local Hero, artist JC Rivera. We are honored to present F@ck My Life! Another look into the mind of JC brings us this hand painted 7 3/4" solid resin figure. FML! currently only comes in JC’s go to Bear Champ golden brown color and is limited to only 30 pieces.”

MOE by Mike Graves x W.A.N.T. (US$100 per): ”The first small run production figure from Denver Colorado artist Mike Graves. Moe is a 4 1/2” half roto-casted, half solid, hand painted resin version of Graves' mural characters come to life. The Caped Crusader color version is limited to 30 figures, with another smaller color run of 20 to be released by Mike Graves himself down the line.”

BIG PAW by MikeFudge x W.A.N.T. (US$150 apiece): ”We are proud to announce the first small production run of figures from Colorado artist Mike Fudge. Mike is a talented dude who has been a pleasure to work with, and we hope we did him justice trying to help bring Big Paw to life. This 6” hand painted solid resin figure comes in this Brick Red color edition which will be limited to 40 pieces. Word on the street is an even smaller limited run color version will be available through the Artist himself relatively soon.”

DREAM WEAVER by Brent Nolasco x W.A.N.T. (US$80 apiece): ”From the thoughts of our favorite Pennsylvania artist Brent Nolasco, comes the Dream Weaver. This 5 3/4” solid resin art figure has the power to narrate your unconscious. He comes in this Peppermint color edition and will be limited to only 30 pieces.”

MIND BLOWN by Josh Mayhem x W.A.N.T. (US$200 apiece): ”Los Angeles drip enthusiast and artist Josh Mayhem gives us a present from his Blown Away series entitled Mind Blown. This what happens when paint takes over your brain. Mind Blown is solid resin and is 5 1/2” tall on its acrylic stand. The Black Taffy color edition is limited to 30 pieces, with a smaller color run of 20 to come later from Josh himself.”

CHARLIE The Angry Pink Elephant by Angel Once x W.A.N.T. (US$80 each): ”The first small production run from Los Angeles street artist Angel Once. Angel is always putting in work spreading his realm of elephants, Some of which are pink, One of which is Charlie. Charlie stands 4 1/4” tall, is hand painted roto-casted resin, stands on his hind legs and has a snail companion. Charlie, so far, only comes in this OG pink color edition. This is a limited run of 50 pieces only.”

SNAILVEILANCE by Riser x W.A.N.T. (US$125 apiece): ”This futuristic vision of tech and nature through creepy slow moving surveillance that watch your every move, Comes from the Hollywood prop maker known as Riser. Riser has stepped from being behind the movie magic in some of your favorite blockbusters, To give us a look at his version of a resin art figure. Snailveilance comes in 3 colors with a very limited 12 pieces of each. He is 4 3/4” tall and ready to spy on you for the powers that be.”

THE FRAGON by Mike NEMO Mendez x W.A.N.T. (US$75 each): ”Sculptor, painter, monster maker and all around mad scientist Mike “NEMO” Mendez brings us his latest creation, the Fragon. Half frog and half dragon, the Fragon stands 4” tall and is a solid resin hand painted art figure. This Emerald Green color edition is limited to 30 pieces.”

APOLLO by 84Pages x W.A.N.T. (US$60 each): ”We are delighted to bring you Apollo. He is the mascot character from Colorado street artist 84 pages. Apollo stands 5 3/4” tall, is made from roto-casted, hand painted resin. He comes in his OG artist color only and will be limited to 35 pieces.”

W.A.N.T. at #DesignerCon 2016:

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