Post-It 12 is Back at Giant Robot! Launching Dec 3rd at GR2

The annual Post-It art show at Giant Robot is back, for it’s 12th Edition this year, opening December 3rd at GR2 - featuring over 300 artists with over 3000 post it’s - as curated by Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson & Eric Nakamura, scroll down to see some select artwork previews (which caught my on Instagram), and as well you can RSVP on the Events Facebook Page! Sales Begins Saturday, December 3rd, at 3:00 PM, with each piece of one-of-a-kind-artwork priced at US$25!

I’ve always loved this particular concept of “collectible art” - not just for it’s price-point (Hey, I may be “cheap” but I’m not THAT cheap, okay? hahaha), but for the size unique unto itself! I don’t need a HUGE canvas to appreciate ART (“low brow” or otherwise), fhanks! :)

Working some post it art for the #postitshow12 @giantrobot

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They are trying to tell you something... #postitshow12 #caitlinannemakesthings #totems #blood #gold #oil

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Post it drawing for the annual show at Giant Robot #giantrobot #paintpens #copicink #ink #mixedmedia #postitshow12

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Dave Cooper for #postitshow12 @giantrobotstore first time he has made them!😃

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These just arrived. Post it art @mcmintea For #postitshow12 @giantrobotstore December 3-11

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@charliepowellillustration super awesome post it's. @giantrobotstore #postitshow12

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Workin on my pieces for postit show 12 happening at @giantrobot #postitshow12

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