Spaceward! (우주로!) by TOiNZ @ EVERYDAYMOOONDAY (11.19-12.25)

Scheduled for a launch on November 19th @ EVERYDAYMOOONDAY in South Korea, is “SPACEWARD” = an art exhibition featuring the ceramic art of TOiNZ (their second show at EverydayMooonday).
"In this exhibition 'Toinz: the Adventure of Toin' (2014), they have wandered around many villages meeting the village spirits and tribes and are now boarding the Cat Rocket. The planets of the universe are reborn through Toinz's ceramic works and in them are the Universe Hony living there. Spaceward!"
Included here are a few WIPs of the goodness to be on show! “Spacewards” exhibits thru December 25th, 2016. (RSVP on Facebook).

Spaceward TOiNZ 03
(Art by @yongpa_toinz)
BIO: "TOiNZ is a Korean ceramic art collective of four artists from ceramic backgrounds.

TOiNZ brings to life 'friendly ceramics' where fairy tales inside each work share the warm feelings of people. They search for 'friendly ceramics' that function very closely to people's everyday lives, producing traditional rice wine bottle, glass, plates and ceramic toys. Some of their works include: 'Tiyo' the five village spirits of earth, fire, wind, water and heart; 'fire ball' it appears when fire is needed and disappears; 'rocky rock' the devoted son rock who carries his grandfather rock on his back everywhere and has become quite small with the wear and tear; tall and small trees that changes colors seasonally. These charming and lovable forms and roundness in their names further convey Toinz's childlike pure soul.

Toinz creates ceramic shaped characters from carefully hand pressing, adding, subtracting and sculpting the clay, glazing to firing them in a kiln a few times. Because of its unique process, every piece is slightly different in shape giving the different forms and impressions its own unique story and identity. When I meet one that touches me more so than others, that peculiar feelings double and triple. The unique texture and weight you feel with the edge of your fingers let your imagination open up to the process each piece goes through. Each work has that something a machine made work cannot portray."
Spaceward TOiNZ 04
(Art by Happyrider Park)
Spaceward TOiNZ 05