Story Killers : Little Red Riding Hood (Snow Version) from Stéphane Levallois x Artoyz

Launched at the recent Paris Comic Con, and currently available online via, is STORY KILLERS : LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (Snow Version) = a new character figure designed by Stéphane Levallois, now a 20cm tall vinyl figure, limited to 200pcs and priced at 75,00 € here (approx. US$83 / SG$115).

Little Red Riding Hood” was sculpted in France by Etienne Aillaud aka Bombyx from drawings by Stéphane Levallois. Loving the design and concept, and as well the story behind her! Looking forward to the day when we do see her in her trademark red robed hood heehee :)

Little Red Riding Hood Snow 2
"Story Killers is a new collection with Stéphane Levallois, with whom we had worked on the Toxic Candies. The general idea of ​​the collection is “Girl Power”. Stéphane reappropriates heroines of the tales of our childhood and returns to the script. The girl or the girl is not there to suffer and hope for a savior prince but it imposes itself and solves her own problems ... and sometimes they might be a “little violent”.

The first Story Killer to emerge is Little Red Riding Hood who decided to settle accounts with the Wolf, after cutting his head chose to proudly display his trophy, wearing it on her head!"
(Edited from French after google translation :p)
Little Red Riding Hood Snow 3
Awesome Box Art!
Little Red Riding Hood