Strangecat Toys @ Art Basel Miami (Dec 1-4) - featuring “live” painting by JC Rivera & Nicky Davis, and the release of Chris Pyrate’s Gold Edition “The Lucky Katju”

Strangecat Toys announces that their mobile store will be getting a fresh coat courtesy of artists JC Rivera & Nicky Davis, during Art Basel (Dec 1-4) in Miami Beach, Florida - with their bus painted on “live” at Wynwood Walls!

As well they will have exclusive releases from JC Rivera, Nicky Davis, Feathered Fox & SeriouslySillyK, AND Chris Pyrate’s “The Lucky Katju” made available in the first colorway GOLD in an edition of 50. All unsold releases will be available on

Check out this glimpse of the kitty (since added to the earlier teaser post)

(Cheers for the headsup, Cory)


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