SUPERSTAR DESTROYER by Bill McMullen x Munky King - Seen at #DesignerCon 2016

On display at the recent Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) is the SUPERSTAR DESTROYER from Bill McMullen AKA Billions McMillions - which sees the “Imperial Destroyer” in “Star Wars” being sneakered-out, based on original Adidas Superstars!
Sometimes people ask why I used two whites in the illustration and toy. I point out that that's how the #Shelltoe was - the whites of the leather and the rubber never really matched, which I love. -shared Bill McMullen.
To be produced by Munky King Toys, the concept was earlier seen and released as a 6-color hand-pulled silkscreened print, a year ago at DesignerCon too!

Old-skool urban vinyl collectors would be familiar with Bill McMullen’s adidas-themed “AD-AT” - made with Span of Sunset and released in 2004 - which has most recently been manifested as a half-size replica, with #ADATpoint5 released at DesignerCon 2014, a decade after, and as well a sculpture installation at the THIS IS NOT A TOY show in Toronto, Canada, circa 2014 - as curated by the Design Exchange.

Check out my lil’ “Mini AD-AT Retrospective” going on on #starwarsallday, if you so please :)