THE BLACK PLOT Collectible Figures by Skinner x Unbox Industries - Seen at #DesignerCon 2016!

Skinner shares this snaps of unpainted prototypes he had created for “The Black Plot” music video for “High On Fire” (made with Hey Beautiful Jerk), as seen at the Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016), via producer Unbox Industries’ table! Sculpted by David Arshawsky (IG @turtlemilkstudios), I personally adore the idea of “crossover” media concepts - and animation x collectibles always intrigues me!

Scroll down for more snaps of the figures, and and as well to view the trailer to the NSFW-ish full video - since posted on #anim8te (which I swore I did much earlier but can;t find NY TRACE OF :P)!



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