THE GRID REN from Bubi Au Yeung x Fluffyhouse

A photo posted by Bubi Au Yeung ☻ (@bubiay) on

A new release from Bubi Au Yeung x Fluffyhouse sees THE GRID REN currently purchasable online here for US$48.00, with this 4.5 inch tall vinyl figure limited to 500pcs worldwide.
"While the end of the year is approaching, Ren has decided to appear with a brand new image! Meet The Grid Ren! With the hair color in turquoise and the checked T-shirt in white and gray, a newly SMART SIMPLE style is now created! It is said that turquoise, a natural gem, is able to arouse the energy of success! Then may Ren's vibrancy get ready for the new beginning ahead :)"

This certainly was a “surprise” release, but seems the earlier release (of Ren in blonde hair and gold pants for the 10th Anniversary set with Treeson ) no doubt was a prophetic harbinger to more “color adventurous” releases, which now sees Ren in a new ‘do!


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