We Become Monsters for #DesignerCon 2016 (Booth #822)

Chris Moore at We Become Monsters shares with us some (not “ALL”) of the goodies he’ll be bringing to Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) this weekend, including “a selection of classics, including the Shagghoulie family” and the following pieces, to be had at Booth #822 - which he is sharing with Biggs Studio (IG @biggsstudio)

- The final THE HELL?!?! figure comes with an optional second swappable head. Only one available. Portly and 7 inches tall of stout resin. Even taller with the goofy extra head instead. US$75 apiece.

- Likely the last round of DIMENSION HOPPERS - this time with either fancy paintjobs or none at all, though most of the blanks have some fun casting effects going on.. 5 inches of resin, articulated head. 35$ One of each available.

- Some new BOGBOYS with a bit more paint than usual on them. 3.75 inches. $30 One of each available.

- All new colorways for the final batch of NECROLAMEICONS - an silly, creepy resin evil book. 2.5 inches. $20 3 made per colorway and one one off.

- A new SPACE PRISON 1313 set – with more paint detail than any previously released. As usual for this item, includes two heads to keep your shelf fresh. 6.25 inches (and up – depending on head used) $50 One available.

- New SCRUMCREEPS – These are basically paintings, except they are sculptures. Nice bit of weird for your walls for the shelf challenged. 9x11 inches. $20 One of each available.

- New WORM KING. A sort of resin ‘tile’ – this could be wall mounted or placed outside, or just on a shelf, or whatever. This was a one off I made available awhile back, but my wife asked me to keep it. I then cast a couple, however, the fragile original broke during the process… soo.. uh.. I messed up. These are the only two that will ever exist, other than the original, which I will be endeavoring to repair. This incident means it is extremely unlikely I will make any more of them. 7x7 inches $25 One of each available.

- New ZITLORD – 3.5 inch gross lump of toy monster. 3 Colorways in editions of 3 each, and then 3 one off versions (A puss clear, and two paint tests in Green and Flesh) $30

- A fresh round of GALAXY FRANKENSTEIN Busts – 5 inches, and cast and painted by hand, as always. $25 One of each available.

DesignerCon, Pasadena, This weekend Sat/Sun, booth #822 – All WBM toys include a button – Necrolameicons and Zitlords have specific, limited buttons that only come with those toys.