8” VISIBLE DUNNY by Jason Freeny x Kidrobot (for April 2017 Release)

A long time coming, Jason Freeny puts his visible anatomical-innards touch to Kidrobot’s Dunny, and the result is the 8-inch tall VISIBLE DUNNY! With a SRP of US$75, with availability in April 2017, Strangecat Toys sends word that they have it up on pre-order now!
PRESS: "It's a question as old as time: what does a Dunny look like inside? Wonder no longer because Jason Freeny has answered the question! Kidrobot presents an inside view of our classic Dunny platform with the Jason Freeny 8" Visible Dunny. This Dunny offers the ultimate transparent view, clear on the outside with a skeletal view on the inside. This innermost look is a must have piece for any collector. Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, collect one today and add some bones to your collection!"

And while this is not the first time Freeny x Kidrobot has worked together (Anatomical Wabbit Medium Figure), it would be uber-cool if the Visible Dunny could come in their 5” tall Dunny, and maybe even 3” Dunnys, in multiple colorways and tinted clear covers too! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA

(Cheers for the headsup, Cory!)