BOO BEAR by Andrea Kang x Mighty Jaxx for Dec 10th Drop

UPDATED: BOO BEAR is a “wandering ghost, of magic and a keeper of lost wishes”, and will be available on December 10th at

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Mighty Jaxx has revealed their collaboration with Andrea Kang in an upcoming collectible - which from the WIP-sketches, to to be a SERIES of collectible figures? Would they be available as a line of PVC mini figures (ala Huck Gee’s “Gold Life”) … or maybe they are just “choices” with selected one(s) being made resin/polystone collectibles?

Andrea did mentionnew figure” (singular) tho, so …

No further info nor drop date revealed as yet, besides the tease. Will update as the project progresses (of course) … meanwhile, stay connected to Instagrams @mightyjaxx and @harlow_bear for further updates!

Mighty Jaxx’s been going down a swell path in PVC productions - including the aforementioned Gold Life, and as recently a strong push with XXRAY figures, and I would dearly LOVE a Andrea Kang line of her creature creations, as opposed to platform designs - no offence, but I’d personally prefer the “OG” designs :)