Andrea Kang’s BOO BEAR Has Been Unleashed by Mighty Jaxx!

Andrea Kang’s BOO BEAR has been unleashed on (WHAT), and it has since been revealed to be a VINYL collectible figure, in an edition of 200pcs, with each 5-inch tall figure (with removable base stand) priced at a very surprisingly affordable US$40! Product ships 1st Quarter 2017, and a figure I dearly #WANT!

“Bears” and “mysterious stares” go hand-in-heart under the silent universe which Andrea Kang creates, where “words” are left to what you feel about her creations, staring back into you, IMHO.

And BOO BEAR is one such creation, which bears (no pun intended-ish) it’s original form, and is not a skin-design on a platform or custom toy. This is a MUST have for fans of Andrea’s works, no two ways about it.

And heaven forbids if you are still unfamiliar with Andrea Kang (*I judge you naught), here’s a lil’video to help you along … and of course you could CLICK THRU to view her works featured #onTOYSREVIL :)


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