BLADE RUNNER 2049 Stills & "The Art of Ghost In The Shell"

Friday afternoon here in SG, and I’m thinking maybe this year end is not (only) about “looking back” (much), but instead more of a “looking forward” vision! And as I grapple with filling up a “Top 10 Films To Look Forward To In 2017”-list (still struggling … mind you, I’m trying to exclude SUPERHERO FILMS< because that’s a given ~ LOL), and two names pop up - conveniently so too, as I’ve two slices of news to share!

Seen up top is an image - of a slew - released by Entertainment Weekly, with the cover page of their mag featuring g Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling for BLADE RUNNER 2049! See them all on #popcornX and/or #bladerunnerwww :)

I’m a bit apprehensive to watch this though, as I’ve a huge expectation of a beloved sci-fi original by Ridley Scott!

Then something I am eager to watch, regardless of possibly being disappointed or not (No issue with “white-washing” issue), is the live-action GHOST IN THE SHELL - starring Scarlet ‘non-Japanese’ Johanson!

We are treated to page previews of “The Art Of Ghost In The Shell” instead of footage - for a book currently on pre-order on Amazon, for a March 14th, 2017 release. View them #popcornX and/or #ghostintheshellfan.

*FYI: Purchase via the Amazon-link will help support TOYSREVIL-blogs, thank you!