COSMIC CAVIES by Jason Chalker

Caught this over the weekend (on Facebook, where I dwell too often these days), and had wanted to share with readers of TOYSREVIL and #anim8te: A Teaser for “COSMIC CAVIES” by Jason Chalker AKA Manly Art ( / Facebook) - known for his illustrations and Star Wars-themed bootleg toys, now presenting an animated piece, which left me entertained and appreciating the diversity of his portfolio!

And of course I had too bug Jason for a wee more info!

TOYSREVIL: Is the Cosmic Cavey a fictional character? Or based on anyone/someone? And why a hamster?
JASON CHALKER: ”The main character, Captain Johann, is based on a guinea pig my wife and I had that recently passed away. His name was Johann.

Guinea pigs are great little animals and I love the idea of them being intrepid space adventurers because it's probably the last thing anyone would think a guinea pig would do if given the means and intelligence. :)

The scientific name for guinea pigs is cavey. They are NOT hamsters. They get offended by the comparison. ;)”

(This is the random drawing that started the whole thing - Thanks Jason!)

TOYSREVIL: Oops! Sorry, “Captain Johann”! (R.I.P. Johann…). Can we expect anything more beyond this teaser? Any particular timeline you are looking at?
JASON CHALKER: “I will definitely be doing something with it in the future. It's a pet project (no pun intended) so I can't spend as much time as I'd like on it.

I'm still developing a lot of the aspects of Captain Johann's crew and the universe they live in. I will definitely be putting out bits and pieces as I develop the larger project.”