CROM & AZAZEL Resin Figures by POP Prolific - to debut at "Hard & Soft: The Many Layers of POP" at PIQ! on Dec 3rd!

Teased in my previous feature, today we have a look at the final figures by Justin Volpe AKA POP Prolific, of his vintage Masters of the Universe-styled original resin figures!

The “Skeleton”-looking dude seen up above front-n-center is named “CROM” (after the Robert E. Howard Conan deity), and “AZAZEL” (The Body Jumping Angel”) is the name of the character with the “layered Shredder” mask! There is a second edition of CROM which comes in GID Blue!

Standing 4.5" tall each, there are a trio of resin figures to be had, of which 6 x pieces will be made of each character design. One of each piece will be available for sale at PIQ on December 3rd - for his "Hard & Soft: The Many Layers of POP" show - while the rest will be listed on his online shop starting on the 3rd!
"… for enquiring minds, I'll ship out all orders on the 14th and 15th of December. My goal is to do at least one new resin figure every month next year and this set of 3 will kick off the series." - added Justin.
Justin Alan Volpe will be in present at PIQ Grand Central Terminal this Saturday 5:30pm to 9:30pm along with Sugar Fueled artist Michael Banks.

CROM Purple
”The silent God says nothing
He offers assistance only at birth and in death
For him to gaze upon your life is a curse
He breaths fire into men's souls,
but he would just as soon snuff you out
Moth to flame, man to Crom.