CROM Red Death Colorway by Justin Volpe Has Launched

Since my previous feature, Justin Volpe has released the second edition of his original sculpted CROM resin figure - in The RED DEATH COLORWAY! - inspired by the The Mask (Masque) of the Red Death!

Currently available on his online store for US$85. Limited to just 3 pieces, this hand-painted figure stands 5.5" tall (a little over 6" to the tip of the horns).

You can still score yourselves the Skeleton Colorway of CROM here for US$85 too!

”The Masque, illusion, fantasy
Sharp pains, Sudden dizziness
Then profuse bleeding from the pores
Darkness and Decay
The Red Death held illimitable dominion over all”

The RED DEATH Colorway of CROM resin figure was inspired by the The Mask (Masque) of the Red Death.


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