#DEBOX 29.12.2017

Stuff I collected, over a decade ago! #toylife

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Did a very minor whiff of spring-cleaning today (well, more searching thru my hoard stored-collection of collectibles…), and decided to share a box contains of stuff I used to collect, with the contents over a decade old!

These were from my trip to Hong Kong (that one and only time in mid-2000s) - for when I was heavily into 1/6th, and had wanted to build a 1/6th diorama of a wet/fish market! A couple of these were also magnets (fish in boxes :p)… and a sole Jim Woodring gacha what had been separated from the rest of the set!

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I’ll always think back and regret not picking up MORE Woodring - alas I was not so heavily into designer toys then, but for Michael Lau and Eric So … but I did pick me up some SCARY GIRL tho! Can’t wait to show you guys what I got!

Jim Woodring was because I was into his graphic novels, other than “toys” actually … although I distinctly remembered holding DIFFERENT COLORWAY DORBELs! And putting them back…

Toy Regrets”, I have plenty…

Expect more “deboxing discovery” video clips such as this, for when I delve into my collection in the coming new year. If I cannot afford the “future”, I’d not want to waste my “past” LOL