Die Antwoord x 3A Toys @ #ToySoul2016

And while the ThreeA Toys booth at Toy Soul 2016 (Dec 16-18) the past weekend showcased a diverse selection of their production - which included both licensed properties (AKA “Transformers” etc), original creations by Ashley Wood - and as well collaborative concepts, such as their Die Antwoord 1/6th figures, for which the DA ZEF SET were shown, alongside Cookie Thumper Edition ¥OLANDI, and the duo clad in orange jumpsuits with black Japanese text - seen thus far only on the artists own Instagrams (@zef_alien @prawn_star), and of course on stage on their tours :)

Here are more snaps to gawk at, courtesy of Stephen Leung (@stephen_mrx_leung) and LC Yin (@yin_lc), and I’ll attempt to add more images when I come across them, or when 3A releases their own snaps :)


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(Updated with pics by Dick Po via WO3A.com)

What wasn’t shown on display, were the black-doodle-on-white suits (seen in above toy snap), as seen in the newest music video from Die Antwoord, titled “FATFADEDFUCKFACE” - as directed by Yolandi herself! Here are some screengrabs of the mos-def NSFW Rated “MATURE” music video that I dare not post here as my blog might well be deleted afters :p