‘Final’ Previews for #giftwrapped2016 @ Clutter Gallery Opening Dec 10th

Above-left: Babycakes from @ibreaktoys / Above-right: Oddly Merry Dona from @twelvedot
Bottom-left: #Bogdweller by @bogxsquad / Bottom-right: Slime The Hutt by @falcontoys

the 2016 Edition of GIFT WRAPPED at Clutter Gallery opens December 10th Saturday night, and we’ve a few peeks at swell works to come (adding to the previously featured), with the works a mixture of kawaii cute, and humorously macabre! ”Slimer The Hutt” is glorious! And that "DR SNYDER" from @scarecrowoven? SCHWEET!

Items will be first available for sale in-store, after which they will be listed online for general sales! Stay tuned to Instagram @cluttermagazine for updates when they do!

This lil beauty will be available this weekend at @cluttermagazine 's gift wrapped show!!!

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