FLOWER FOX - the bravo guitarist in la la woodland - by Knoa Chung x M'S PRODUCTION & CO. on order now!

(Above: Flower Fox seen at Toy Soul 2016)
Currently listed online is the adorable FLOWER FOX by by Knoa Chung @ La La Woodland and produced by M'S PRODUCTION & CO. - with “the bravo guitarist in la la woodland” standing 8-inch tall and made of handcrafted polystone, priced at HK$ 1,688 (approx. US$218/ SG$315) - price inclusive FREE shipping worldwide.

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Limited to 88 sets worldwide - each Flower Fox box set comes complete with twelve (12) components - one head, one body, two pairs (4) of hands for sitting relax and playing guitar, a tail - (*magnetic embedded in body, hands and tail) - as well as one guitar, one scarf, one bow tie, one tree stage (base), and one hand-made woollen scarf for flower fox (*exclusive to the online order).

Each package also includes:
- flower shaped signed and numbered paulownia wood made certificate x one (1) unit.
- 300gsm heavy stock black and white paper "flower in the sky" cover art x one (1) unit.
- 300gsm heavy stock color paper signed and numbered "flower in the sky" print x one (1) unit.
- 100% premium cotton t-shirt "flower fox" x one (1) unit (unisex size S, M, L, XL, XXL options available). ***Please specify in "Notes" to confirm your size of t-shirt in checkout page.

Check out the sales page for more information, including purchases from regional authorized distributor from Taiwan, Thailand and China.

Flower Fox 1
(Cheers for the headsup, Mankas!)