Funko Pop!Vinyl Releases for February 2017

The recent announcement of three Pop!Vinyls licensed lines from Funko - for REN & STIMPY, LOST, and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - provides an example of their all-encompassing versatility and reach of media-related properties, which caters to both old-timers (in this day and age, anything older by at least a decade is considered “old-timer” hahaha) with fond memories of the tv-show/cartoon/anime that they had seen and enjoyed in their childhood, and able to now pay for products, with their own hard-earned money.

Sure, there are the up-to-date video game licenses and feature films, but getting a collectible from “before”, might well mean “secondary markets” and “online auctions”. In the past, folks might have no other choice than to secure the toys released from before, but now? There’s an alternative, even if it means having the chance to buy a “representation” of, at a fraction of the cost of a vintage toy.

I’ve read comments online of folks ragging on the aesthetics of Pop!Vinyls, of the beady eyes, and their super-deformed bodies, and of course their production value might be left much to be desired (but take a look at their item cost, folks! LOL) … and “to each his own”, as far as I am concerned, but for me; they serve as an alternative to the bigger ticket collectibles, and are as affordable an entry level into the “toy collecting” world, than even pegged action figures in departmental stores and toy stores - and more geared towards the SD/Stylized character-depiction aesthetics, which frankly fills the void between “hyper-realistic” (and sometimes higher priced) and the indie designer custom toy set (in which “artists” are named, while Funko does not), where (relatively) affordable blind boxed Dunnys are instead the gateway to “designer toys”, IMHO.

But that’s just my impressions, and good design or not, their success might well be gauged instead by “memories” of the past (which folks might want to hold onto), and the present (where folks might want to hold unto now, without breaking the bank), rather than purely “aesthetics” … IMHO, of course.

Out of this trio of lines, I’d pick out the LOST series, because I have good memories of the television show (early seasons anyways hahaha), which at the same time leaves me pondering if ever characters from “Westworld” would be made! The connection being both tv shows had their fair share of online “conspiracy theory” videos made by fans hahahaha

Hey, I’m still out gawking at collections every time I find stacks of Pop!s, as I’m still hopeful to find myself a Ken Kaneki! C’mon, how can I leave Touka Kirishima “alone”, yeah? True Story, bro :)

Cheers, and have a toy-ful weekend ahead!