GETTER ROBO by Eric So - Seen @ #ToySoul2016

(Below image via MILK)

The BU TOYS booth @ Toy Soul 2016 (Dec 16-18) the recent weekend showcased a select new “super robots” from Go Nagai, adapted into a variety of products, including apparel and of course collectibles, one of which caught my undivided attention: GETTER ROBOT designed by Eric So!

To be made by Unbox Industries, the 39cm tall vinyl beast features a “caricature/cartoonish” style of aesthetics of larger body and shorter torso+legs - very much in vein with his previous artistic impression of Go Nagai’s MAZINGER-Z (also made by Unbox, and by now a Toy-Grail I can never hope to afford). His upper-body form also somewhat reminds me of Eric’s ”MARV” with Dark Horse, keeping in line with his character design traits, IMHO.

GETTER ROBOT by Eric So was priced at HK$2980, with an scheduled April 2017 release. The figure includes a removable red fabric shawl/drape, as seen in images with and without hahaha. But maaaaan his battle mace/axe is AWESOME! Doesn’t look removable tho .. unless it comes with an additional replaceable “hand”?

C’mon, I WANT! LOL


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