HALCON FALCON Series 2 from Argonaut Resins Releases Dec 12th

Eric Nocella Diaz at Argonaut Resins is closing out 2016 with a series of new resin releases, and this is the first salvo! Are you ready for HALCON FALCON Series 2?
PRESS: "The Argonaut Resins Halcon Falcon series 2 resin birds are ready to go and will be in a all new blind boxed edition of 10 pieces. There will be some black Maltese Falcons in this wave and a bunch of variants and chase figures that will go on sale Wednesday Dec 12, at 9PM Est. time in the Argonaut Resins online store. The Falcons will go for $30 shipped in the US."
The first wave (10 pieces) of the Falcons have sold out with sales through Tenacious Toys and DeadHand toys, so don’t dally too long with your purchasing decisions!


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