Hands In Factory’s BIGHORNS Drop: PRRC + GFX Versions

South Korea’s Hands in Factory will be dropping two of their BABY HORNS between December 22nd to December 31st on myepicase.co.kr - featuring the PRRC BIGHORN Version (WHAT) and GFX Version (WHAT).

Price at myepicase.co.kr is 77,000원 = this price is a 10% discount during the period. Regular pricing is 85,800원 apiece.

Non-Korean-addresses AKA Overseas/International order are to instead head to www.hifstore.com, where each character is priced (reduced) at US$81.00 (SG$117) apiece!

Of Course I want BOTH, c’mon! haha. Items ship January 5th, 2017.


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