INSTINCTOY Exclusive MAGURO Senpai from MAME MOYASHI for Spring 2017

INSTINCTOY has announced that they have become a Japanese sales distributor for MAME MOYASHI - producers of “MAGURO Senpai”, the fish figure with a exposed sashimi’d body - and showcases a trio of upcoming colorway editions for 2017! The middle “SALMON” colorway is the EXCLUSIVE color for INSTINCTOY, for a Spring 2017 release. Stay tuned for further updates.

There certainly are plenty of MAGURO-Editions out there since the FREAK show by Chino Lam (I’ll try to feature that soon, meanwhile a showcase is feature below, as a “teaser” haha) and the recent Toy Soul 2016 (Dec 16-18). My 2 Editions NEED more fishy vinyl friends tho!

豆もやし水産”マグロ先輩”my collection! 毎回限定数1,000個が即完売という恐ろしい人気を誇る新進気鋭のソフビ作家”豆もやし社長”のデビュー作です。2017年にはまだまだ新色も登場予定です。日本代理店として新作を続々と取扱い予定ですのでどうぞ宜しくお願い致します。 These are the "MAGURO senpai" in my collection from MAME MOYASI FISHERIES!! This figure was released for the debut of MAMEMOYASI, and they have become very famous as a sofubi designer since. They quickly sold out the 1000 pcs of their limited edition figures, and this has happened for every release they have had so far. There will be more color ways coming in 2017, and as the Japanese distributor, we will be holding sales for these figures. Please look forward to it. 這是大豆芽水產系列的"鮪魚先輩", 都是我的個人收藏!! 鮪魚先輩是大豆芽社長的首創設計, 在每次推出的色系中, 於很短的時間內賣光1,000隻, 他已經成為相當驚人且有人氣的軟膠設計師. 在2017年將會有更多更多新的配色, 而我們是日本的總代理, 也將會有未來的新色. 敬請期待. #豆もやし社長 #豆もやし水産 #INSTINCTOY #インスティンクトイ #マグロ先輩 #代理店 #sofvitokyo

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l1nen said…
ugh how do we get them if we're in the US?
You could try to check in with their Facebook @ for any updates on their distributer in the US, @l1nen - Happy Toy Hunting! :)