Kidrobot Mascot Custom Show @ Woot Bear Launched Dec 17th

EVENT PRESS: "A blast from the past is about invade our space: The Kidrobot Mascot! Woot Bear will have a collection of past Kidrobot mascot figures on display, and introduce an exclusive selection of mascot customs refreshed by some of the most talented artists in the scene. Whether you're in search of nostalgia or feelin' for something new, this show is where to be!"
Participating Artists include Sekure D, JonPaul Kaiser, ink visuals, J*RYU, kaNO, Salamander, Zebulon, Ben Seto and Big C.

Sekure D gives us a headsup about an upcoming custom show at Woot Bear Gallery, launching December 17th, where the base figure of choice is the Kidrobot Mascot!

Haven’t seen a production mascot figure in a while too! Last featured on the blog was the “Major Lazer” in 2013, actually …

Scroll down for a peek at customs from Secure D himself, JonPaul Kaiser and Scott Wilkowski! And stay connected to IG @wootbearbelly for further updates.

Kidrobot Mascot Show 12/17 at Woot Bear @sekured

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December 17th - Kidrobot Mascot Show This amazing piece is by the one and only Mascot master @sekured

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The Man inside the Kid . . @sw__._.__ws Kidrobot Mascot Show 12/17

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💥 Celebrating the Kidrobot Mascot at WootBear Gallery December 17th 💥

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7 short days till @wootbearbelly

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