“LMLO” by Kenny Wong x Unbox Industries - Seen @ #ToySoul2016

One interesting series of collectibles made their display debut at the recent Toy Soul 2016 (Dec 16-18) - seen at the Unbox Industries booth: Kenny Wong’s Molly dressed up in various incarnations of Go Nagar’s :Super Robot” characters (Kotetsu Jeeg / Mazinger Z / Aphrodite A / Getter Robo - featured below) - with all figures sat on top of cubed boxes, each with a designated letter, which spelt “LMLO” - since identified as the project “name”!

Four figures are shown, although I am wondering if there will be a "5th" figure, with a box spelt with a letter "Y" - so the cubes could form "M.O.L.L.Y.", innit? Heh.

Kenny’s Molly retains her “crown”, while still donning the iconic armour of Mazinger Z, while her “pout” is seen throughout all the figures haha. They look to have articulated arms/shoulders and necks to!

Two colorways were shown: A neutral off-white, and an all-black line-up!

Will update with further information once I get them! Meanwhile, MORE PICTURES!

#toysoul2016 #molly #kennyswork

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