Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest Episodes 1+2

Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest (WHAT) has launched, with two episodes available to view online now! Episode 1 (seen above) is titled “Joker’s Favor (Jim Lee Clip)”, while below we have Episode 2: “Monsters vs Robots”!

"Gizmodo is proud to debut the second episode of Mark Hamill's new show about pop culture collectibles. In this episode, "Mark’s affinity for Godzilla leads him to collector Scott Zillner, whose home is filled with thousands of monsters and robots. Scott even hosts a special fan convention for enthusiasts called Power Morphicon. Tag along as we learn how Scott's passion transcended his home and landed him on the convention floor." (

What makes this series stand out from others of the similar ilk, is that the shows features a collector himself, talking about collections and sharing his own experiences - not just making the content palatable and understandable for “Joe-Public” - which is fine upon itself, but for “Pop Culture Quest”, it is more interesting to hear serious geek-outs and nerd-talk, IMHO!

What is also “fun”, is that the compare links / “Collectors Den” set was actually filmed in the 3D Retro retail store in Glendale (@ 1851 Victory Bl. Glendale, CA 91201)! Pop Culture Quest Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest is a new series now streaming online on Comic-Con HQ! Check out the trailer for the upcoming 3rd Episode@

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