MC KRUSTY GRIN Is the “Secret” Edition by Ron English x Made By Monsters for Dec 12th Release!

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Here’s a peek at the awesomeness to come for when Ron English's KRUSTY THE GRIN releases December 12th (10am HKT / GMT+8) at! The figure featured here today is one of the secret “MC Krusty Grin” from the 333-pieces limited run, with another variant edition previously featured HERE (with no doubt more editions to be revealed :p).

Prices are pegged at; US$270 (for orders within Asia), US$280 (for orders in United States / Canada / Australia), and US$290 for orders within Europe. EMS express shipping cost is included in the prices. Purchase will be “blind” - meaning you’ll get your editions t random, so GOOD LUCK to score THIS baby!


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