New Works by Andrew Bell & Lana Crooks for #Nightfall @ Rotofugi (Dec 9-31, 2016)

Since our previous WIP-peeks at the works of Andrew Bell and Lana Crooks, their NIGHTFALL two-person show at Rotofugi has launched in-store - featuring 87 new works - and as well said-works have been listed online for previews and your purchasing considerations (*email to

Featured below are just a few pieces which caught my attention, to share, and as well you can see gallery images since uploaded HERE on Facebook!

“NIGHTFALL” - New Works by Andrew Bell & Lana Crooks exhibits from December 9th thru to Dec 31st, 2016, at Rotofugi in Chicago.

These soft-sculpture pieces by Lana Crooks are utterly amazing, and before you lies “art” in all it’s visual glories and sense of craft-depth, IMHO. You can see more of her work on / Facebook / Instagram @lanacrooks, and as well read up my recent interview with Lana for her curation of All That Remains for Stranger Factory, circa October 2016.

Andrew Bell is one of the few artists practising now who designs for his own niche aesthetics - with “ohgosh cute” and “silent sadness” being the charm of his world (besides his Androids Mini Collectibles), and for Nightfall he has created a series of Bird-themed resin sculptures “4 and 20 Blackbirds” series (with each 6” tall resin & glass pieces priced at US$50 per), and “Wall Birds” (insert-top-right less-than-3” tall resin pieces each priced at US$80) and a stupendous series of “Deathshead” moths - made of resin, cold cast bronze and in Maple & Sapele wood!

Stay connected to his / Instagram @deadzebrainc / Facebook. I’ve had the pleasure of moderating Mr Bell’s stage appearance at STGCC ages ago back in 2011 too!

These following Andrew Bell x Lana Crooks collaborations are beautiful! Most feature painted resin, hand-dyed wool, and brass mounted under glass domes, with prices between US$500 to $800 (Most items are sized approx. 9.5” x 10’ x 9.5” and lesser)