ROGUE ONE: A Hot Toys Selection in 1/6 & Cosbaby Collectibles

And while the “success” of a movie relies naught in the sales of the toys based on said film are produced, but it gives an idea on how much folks are willing to invest in said film, to make sum money offa the toys!

In this age of geek-consumerism, both medias come hand-in-hand, and whenever money is to be made, rest assure, folks will be on top of it, and we cross our collective fingers for good decent products to line our toy-shops’ shelves!

(Above Rogue One Cosbaby on display at Tokyo Comic Con)

The premiere of ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY has not only excelled at the box office (I’m not going to pull out any stats for this claim - this is not that kinda blog, sorry :p), seems Hot Toys is banking on the film to help bring in some decent year-end dividends! LOL

Featured here are a combination of 1/6th scaled figures and Cosbaby sets - based on the select characters from the Gareth Edwards-directed feature film (which I really NEED to review, before they release it on DVD/Blu-ray haha :p) - showcasing JYN ERSO, CHIRRUT IMWE and K2SO doing double duty as 1/6th and Cosbabys, and other folks.

Rogue One 1/6 Jyn Erso by Hot Toys (Deluxe Version)
Rogue One Chirrup Iwe 1/6 (Deluxe Version)
Rogue One 1/6 K-2SO by Hot Toys

I’ve previously featured the 1/6 armoured troopers (which you can find on #starwarsallday: 1/6 Stormtroopers Collectible Set / Stormtrooper Jedha Patrol (TK-14057) / Death Trooper (Specialist)), so there are not showcased here, thanks.

Scroll down for handy-slideshow videos I made, and dos check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability and price! And May The Force Be With You! Or to paraphrase Chirrup's mantra; ”I am one with The Toys. The Toys are with me”!